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Top 3 Places You Need to Visit to See the Best Christmas Lights in Pigeon Forge

Top 3 Places You Need to Visit to See the Best Christmas Lights in Pigeon Forge

There is no better place to spend the holidays than in Pigeon Forge! In addition to our heartwarming Christmas show, you’ll find millions of twinkling lights throughout the City of Pigeon Forge to put you into the holiday spirit! While you can see magnificent light displays just by driving down the Parkway, there are several destinations that offer the best lights in town! Here are the top 3 places you need to visit to see the best Christmas lights in Pigeon Forge:

1. Wonders of Light Trail

pigeon forge christmas lightsOne of the top places to visit to see the best Christmas lights in Pigeon Forge is the Wonders of Light Trail! This free attraction opened in 2022 with 20 larger-than-life nature-themed outdoor lights displays along the city’s scenic Riverwalk nature trail. As you stroll along the trail, you’ll encounter stunning displays, such as walk-thru arches, a colorful 52-foot-long caterpillar, a 20-foot-tall ice fountain, and a 90-foot-wide section of colorful wildflowers, butterflies, flowers, and mushrooms! The Wonders of Light Trail spans the Riverwalk from the access point in the city’s Municipal Parking Lot to the approximate intersection of Old Mill Avenue and Butler Street. It is paved and mostly flat, making it wheelchair-friendly, and dogs on a leash are welcome!

2. Patriot Park

Another of the best places to see light displays in Pigeon Forge is right along Old Mill Square in Patriot Park! This lovely City Park pays tribute to our veterans with some very special displays, including a tank and a battleship, rolling waves (“from sea to shining sea”), and the American flag being raised at Iwo Jima – a 40-foot tall display! You’ll also find individual salutes to every branch of the country’s armed forces, filling you with both Christmas spirit and pride for our great country!

3. The Island in Pigeon Forge

the island fountain at nightThe Island in Pigeon Forge is a massive shopping, dining, and entertainment complex that is fun to visit all year long, especially during the holiday season! The 23-acre property features millions of holiday lights, custom decorations, over a mile of garland, and the region’s most spectacular Christmas tree! You also don’t want to miss The Island Show Fountain, a free state-of-the-art presentation of water dance and light that is choreographed to Christmas music throughout the holidays! The fountain features over 89 nozzles to help create the presentation, including one in the center that projects water 60 feet into the air!

About Our Pigeon Forge Christmas Show

After seeing all of the magical Christmas lights in Pigeon Forge, continue your celebration of the holiday season by seeing our Pigeon Forge Christmas Show! Our festive show combines brightly decorated holiday sets, beautiful choreography, and colorful costumes to bring the magic of Christmas to life! Our popular cast covers a number of holiday classics for a nostalgic, spirited holiday celebration that will be enjoyed by all ages! You’ll also find a few special guest performers during the Christmas production, including Frosty the Snowman, Santa Claus, and everyone’s favorite ballerina in the dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy!

Now that you know all about the best Christmas lights in Pigeon Forge, check out all of the information about our Pigeon Forge Christmas Show today to see the best holiday show in town! We look forward to seeing you soon!