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4 Reasons You Don’t Need to Be a Country Music Fan to Enjoy Our Pigeon Forge Show

4 Reasons You Don’t Need to Be a Country Music Fan to Enjoy Our Pigeon Forge Show

If you are not a fan of country music, don’t let that keep you from coming out to see one of the incredible performances at Country Tonite! Our spectacular show features much more than just country music, including side-splitting comedy, gospel, dancing and American patriotism! This is just the type of family-friendly show that is great for all ages, ranging from toddlers to grandparents! Here are just 4 reasons why you don’t need to be a country music fan to enjoy our Pigeon Forge show:

1. High-Energy Production

high energy dancersOur Pigeon Forge show is a high-energy production that will have you tapping your feet whether you like country music or not! If you ask anyone who has seen our show, we are confident that they will say it is the best show they have seen in the Smokies! The production is fast paced and features a variety of themes so that everyone will find something in the show to love! Our talented singers and dancers are sure to impress, and you will be grinning ear to ear with the comedy performances!

2. Amazing Environment

The Country Tonite shows don’t take place in an old-fashioned theater, but a 1,500 seat multi-million dollar theater that you have to see to believe! The theater features state-of-the-art sound and lighting, as well as 2 giant video screens so that everyone has a front row seat to the action on stage! You will be captivated at all times with the Country Tonite cast, including youth performers who just might be the next huge stars of tomorrow! Our theater is conveniently located just past the Hollywood Wax Museum at 129 Showplace Boulevard and is only minutes away from all of the hotels, condos and cabins in Pigeon Forge!

3. Award Winning Performances

showOur Pigeon Forge show has not only won awards for the Best Live Country Show in America, but for the Best Show of the Year! Just take a look at all of the Country Tonite awards over the years to see for yourself! As you might have guessed, our show is appealing to everyone whether you are a country fan or not! However, don’t be surprised if you find yourself whistling a few country tunes on the way out of our theater!

4. Feel Good Vibes

The shows at Country Tonite just make you feel good and put you in a fantastic mood! Whether the cast is dancing or displaying American patriotism, the performance will leave you with a warm feeling in your heart that stays long after the show is over. If you have had a long day of travel to reach the Smoky Mountains, we recommend starting your vacation with a Country Tonite performance so that you can enjoy these “feel good vibes” throughout your trip!

Now that you see why everyone loves our amazing Pigeon Forge show, check out our show schedule today to find a performance that fits your vacation plans! We look forward to providing you with a fantastic afternoon or evening of entertainment at Country Tonite!