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4 Elements You Will Love at Our Show in Pigeon Forge

4 Elements You Will Love at Our Show in Pigeon Forge

You probably are wondering what you will see when you attend our Pigeon Forge show. Of course, you can expect country music, but we offer so much more than that! You’ll get to hear some new country hits and old classic favorites, as well as gospel music, dancing to all of the songs, instrumental performances, and hilarious comedy skits. Keep reading to learn more about these elements you will love at our show in Pigeon Forge:

1. Singing

john singingThe first thing you probably expect to experience at our Pigeon Forge show is singing. Our talented cast will serenade you with their beautiful voices throughout the entirety of the show. Listen to them croon during classic country favorites, and hum along to the newer hits you enjoy today. The singers in our show draw people in, and you’ll be blown away by all of the talent you’ll hear when you see our show during your trip!

2. Dancing

Not only will your ears enjoy listening to our vocalists sing, you’ll also find yourself tapping your feet as you watch the dancers perform to the music! Watch as the dancers twirl and twist during all of their choreographed performances. You’ll hold your breath as you watch them being lifted into the air, and you’ll clap along as you get to enjoy their extraordinary moves. You’ll have a great time listening to vocalists and watching dancers at the same time!

3. Music

band at country toniteOf course singing goes along with the music, but all of the performances include talented artists that play a variety of instruments. These include guitar, piano, bass, and drums. You’ll find yourself clapping your hands and tapping your feet as you enjoy not only listening to the singers but also to the incredibly talented musicians that are the backbone to all of the singing and dancing you hear during our show in Pigeon Forge!

4. Comedy

In addition to musical performances, you’ll be entertained with comedy sketches! You’ll laugh until you cry watching the cast do these skits. There is physical comedy with props and costumes, as well as character comedy. One of the best parts of seeing our show is knowing our comedy skits and all of the music is family friendly, so parents can feel completely comfortable bringing their young children to see the show!

More About Our Show in Pigeon Forge

group performance country toniteSince you know what kinds of elements you will love when you come see our show, you’re probably wondering what else you need to know! From the moment you sit down in our theater until the lights come up at the end, you’ll be mesmerized by everything you see! The costumes decked out with fringe and crystals will catch your eye, while the colorful lights brighten the stage. Plus, the entire theater has surround sound, ensuring everyone can clearly hear all of the performances!

You won’t want to miss out on seeing our show while you’re in town! Reserve your spot by purchasing tickets to our show in Pigeon Forge now!