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Introduction to Cades Cove

Introduction to Cades Cove

Pigeon Forge is the perfect launching spot for any Great Smoky Mountains excursion. It offers modern hotels, special Pigeon Forge attractions, a choice of restaurants, and Pigeon Forge theaters with exciting national acts. Pigeon Forge is only 30 minutes from Cades Cove where you can slip back in time for a few hours and enjoy the natural world.

Rural Dirt Road Farm Landscape in Cades Cove TNA special part of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Cades Cove is an 11-mile drive through a peaceful valley. The actual homes of the 19th century settlers have been preserved to give you a realistic view of the homesteaders’ difficult life. Each site has parking to allow you to stop and look before returning to the road. The majestic mountains provide the perfect backdrop, which changes with the season.

During the ride through the natural area, many tourists are delighted to witness deer peacefully grazing in the wide, undisturbed fields. Wild turkey are also sighted along the way. You may see a ground hog, the fat prairie dog cousin, venturing along the side of the road. It’s especially exciting to see the native black bear as it ambles through the protected forest. As with all wildlife, view only from a safe distance.

For bicyclists, Cades Cove provides a fairly flat area to flex your muscles. It’s a good way to go from site to site and get some exercise at the same time. The 11-mile loop is easy to do in a few hours, but be sure to bring water.

After a day spent enjoying nature, it is fun to return to a great show with us at Country Tonite. You’ll be glad to have your choice of Pigeon Forge restaurants, too, since Cades Cove cooking fires went out long ago.

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