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4 Reasons Our Pigeon Forge Show is Great for Student Groups

4 Reasons Our Pigeon Forge Show is Great for Student Groups

The school year is coming to an end and with that, summer camps will soon be in full swing! Summer is a great time for aspiring artists to get some extra training and professional instruction through arts camps, and we couldn’t think of a better place for groups students to come and learn about the world of performing arts than from our awesome Pigeon Forge show cast! If you’re a parent or camp instructor looking for an awesome opportunity for your student group, keep reading to learn about our student programs and find out 4 reasons why our Pigeon Forge show is the best one for groups of aspiring performers to visit:

1. Meet the Stars of the Show

dancing For up-and-coming youth performers there are few things that are as cool as meeting someone who has found success in the field you wish to pursue. When student groups visit our Pigeon Forge show, they have the chance to meet with members of our star-studded cast and talk with them about what life is like as a performer in a live theater show. Students also have the opportunity to meet with the costume designer, production manager and lighting technician (by request only) as an additional way to enrich their experience, and expand their knowledge of show production as a whole.

2. Theatre Workshops

Another great reason to bring musical theatre student groups to our Pigeon Forge show is the professional workshops we offer. Our workshops cover every aspect of the theater, from the more technical aspects such as operations and production, to the art of the performance itself starting with audition techniques and adding skills such as acting, singing, dancing and performing comedy routines. We also offer an introductory Theatre 101 workshop that is a great way to give students who might be more interested in pursuing production related jobs, a window into the non-performance side of the theatre world.

3. Be the Opening Act

openerFor aspiring actors, singers and dancers, there are few things that are better than getting the opportunity to perform on a professional stage in front of hundreds of audience members. When your student group visits our Pigeon Forge show, they have the chance to perform on our stage as the opening act! Performances are recorded and will be included on our show DVD for purchase as a keepsake of your students’ experience here at Country Tonite.

4. Experience a Live Theatre Show

Not only do students have the opportunity to meet the cast and crew, take a backstage tour, participate in a skill-building workshop and perform as the opening act of our Pigeon Forge show, they also get to experience a live show as audience members and be reminded that their dream of one day performing on a stage like Country Tonite’s is absolutely possible. For students who have never experienced a live show, the chance to see all of the elements they’ve learned about come together on stage is truly a one-of-a-kind opportunity and will inspire them to continue pursuing their dreams!

We believe in helping build up the next generation of Country Tonite performers, and we would love to have your student group visit our Pigeon Forge show! For more information or to schedule your visit, please contact us!