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Top 4 Restaurants in Pigeon Forge Near Our Show

Top 4 Restaurants in Pigeon Forge Near Our Show

If you are looking for a great restaurant to enjoy either before or after visiting the Country Tonite Theatre, we are centrally located in Pigeon Forge with some of the best area restaurants close by. Having dinner and coming to enjoy our country music show is the perfect combination for a night of family fun! Here are 4 of the best restaurants in Pigeon Forge near our show:

1. Big Daddy’s Pizzeria

Big Daddy'sIf you are looking for a great restaurant for the whole family, you can never go wrong with a pizza place, especially one as good as Big Daddy’s Pizzeria. At this restaurant, they have all different types of specialty pizza, as well as the ability to create your own pizza to ensure you are given exactly what you are looking for. Big Daddy’s is especially a great restaurant to visit if you have children. For dessert, the restaurant gives each kid the chance to pat out the dough on a special cinnamon dessert pizza, which is a fun way to entertain them while they are waiting on their food. After they are done eating, Big Daddy’s takes the dough they have patted out and makes a desert masterpiece out of it. If you are looking for a good family restaurant with great pizza, you need to try Big Daddy’s.

2. Wood Grill Buffet

If you are visiting our show with a large group of people and need a restaurant that will have something for everyone to enjoy, the Wood Grill Buffet is the perfect place for you. The buffet includes all different types of cuisine, including things that kids will enjoy. Not only is Wood Grill Buffet good for large groups because of the variety of food they offer, but there are also special seating options for large groups to ensure that your party can sit together. There are different seating areas that you are able to rent if you plan on coming on vacation with large groups, such as a sports team or a family reunion.

3. Apple Barn

Apple BarnDo you want to experience the true feel of the Smoky Mountains with Southern food that will remind you of what your grandmother used to make? If so, then the Apple Barn is a great place to go! You will start your meal with some apple fritters and apple julep that will make you feel right at home as you enjoy a true Southern style meal. Another great thing about the Apple Barn is the ability to shop either before or after your meal. There are a variety of stores that are attached to the restaurant, including a candy store, a Christmas shop, and a winery.

4. Sunliner Diner

The Sunliner Diner will take you back to the good ole days with their 1950s-themed diner that features retro decor and classic cars sprinkled throughout the restaurant. Even the menus that you are given are written on a type of newspaper you would have seen back in the 1950s. The Sunliner Diner has a good variety of food, but the best part comes after dinner. They offer a full variety of hand-spun milkshakes that you will not be able to resist. If you want to take a blast to the past with an old-timey restaurant, Sunliner Diner is something you need to experience.

Nothing goes better together than dinner and a show. After you come see our show, be sure to check out the amazing restaurants in Pigeon Forge that are located a short distance from our theatre. Also, be sure to check out our coupons so you can save money on our show and splurge on dinner at these great restaurants!