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Top 4 Reasons to Bring Your Student Group to Our Show in Pigeon Forge TN

Top 4 Reasons to Bring Your Student Group to Our Show in Pigeon Forge TN

If you are looking for a unique, educational and fun destination to bring your student group, look no further than the Country Tonite theater in Pigeon Forge! We not only offer a dazzling performance that your students will love, but the opportunity to go behind the scenes to see what it takes to produce this amazing full scale production! Your group might even have the chance to be the opening act for our show! Here are the top 4 reasons to bring your student group to our show in Pigeon Forge TN:

1. Fascinating Backstage Tours

One of the top reasons to bring your student group to our show in Pigeon Forge TN is to take one of our fascinating backstage tours! This is a unique opportunity to go behind the scenes of Country Tonite! You will see everything necessary to produce all of our shows! Your students will have the rare chance to view our technical equipment that helps to create the incredible performance in our theater! This is also a fun educational experience to learn how lights, sound and stage design all come together to contribute to the performance.

2. Exciting Live Performance

footloose dancersOf course, the highlight of bringing your student group to Country Tonite is to see one of our exciting live performances! After taking the behind the scenes tour, you can see for yourself how it all comes to life on stage with our talented cast of performers! Our fast-paced production features a variety of energetic singing and dancing, hilarious comedy acts, powerful gospel and American patriotism! Since Country Tonite is the only show in Pigeon Forge TN with youth performers, your student group will be even more enthusiastic about the performance!

3. Cast Question and Answer Session

Country Tonite offers student groups the fabulous opportunity to talk one-on-one with the stars of our show! Your group can feel free to ask any questions that they might have about what it is like to be on stage in front of a large audience. You can also request to meet the production manager, costume designer or lighting technician to find out even more about the tricks of the trade! This session might just be the motivation your students need to become stars of their own one day! You can choose to have the session before or after seeing our show.

4. Educational Workshops

youth performer and dancersFor an additional fee, your student group can sign up one for one our educational workshops! We offer workshops in a variety of areas! These include singing, dancing, comedy, production and the audition process. If you have students interested in areas other than performance, consider our Theatre 101 workshop for the perfect introduction to the theater industry! During this workshop, your students will discover the various aspects of theater operations, the significance of each role and the importance to the overall production!

Check out all of our information about student groups today and find out how your group can get involved with our show in Pigeon Forge TN! We look forward to meeting your group soon at the Country Tonite theater!