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Top 4 Reasons People Love Country Tonite on TripAdvisor

Top 4 Reasons People Love Country Tonite on TripAdvisor

You like us, you really like us! With nearly 900 reviews and a 4 and ½ star average, Country Tonite is feeling the love on TripAdvisor. We’ve been reading through all of our reviews and we noticed that certain aspects of our Pigeon Forge show are mentioned over and over again. Here are the top four reasons people love us on TripAdvisor:

1. Youth Performers    

Numerous reviewers on TripAdvisor were hugely impressed with our youth performers. Despite only being 12 years old, Colin and Willow are real professionals, and it’s clear that they both have big futures ahead of them. Jenni, who saw our December 2013 show, wrote this in her review: “They had two of the most talented kids in the show that I’ve ever seen. They were amazing and my favorite part of the show”.

2. Respect for the Military

At Country Tonite, we want to honor the brave men and women who give so much for our country. Many of our guests appreciate the military discount we offer to those who are currently enlisted and those who have served. Our Pigeon Forge show also includes a moving tribute to the military. Teresa, who also saw our December show, wrote “The salute to the military ran cold chills over me”.

3. Friendly Staff

Lots of our TripAdvisor reviews praised our staff for their warmth and kindness. One reviewer even said she enjoyed purchasing tickets because “the staff at the box office was so friendly”. Nothing makes us happier than knowing that our audience is happy!

4. Variety

With powerful singing, incredible dancing, and hilarious comedy, our show in Pigeon Forge truly has something for everyone. Whether you’re a big country music fan or just looking for quality family entertainment, Country Tonite is a must-see destination for your next vacation. Visit our Show page to learn more about our one of a kind performance!