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Take a Behind the Scenes Video Tour of the Country Tonite Theatre in Pigeon Forge

Take a Behind the Scenes Video Tour of the Country Tonite Theatre in Pigeon Forge

A few years ago, Angela from Visit My Smokies accepted our invitation to take an exclusive behind the scenes look at our theatre in Pigeon Forge. Host and vocalist Kevin Wilson had the pleasure of showing Angela around, and he sat down to chat with her about Country Tonite’s exciting shows. In case you missed this special interview when it originally premiered, we have embedded the video below:

Nightly Shows in Pigeon Forge

Chatting with Angela was a great opportunity for Kevin to get the word out about the inventive, entertaining, and often hilarious shows that happen at Country Tonite on an almost nightly basis between the end of March all the way through December. In the video, Kevin highlights what people can expect to see and hear on a typical afternoon or evening when they attend a show. With great country music and heartfelt performances, our shows are a memorable addition to any family vacation in the Smoky Mountains.

Country Fun and Christmas Celebrations

As Kevin shared with Angela, audiences are treated to two different types of shows depending upon what time of year they are visiting our theatre in Pigeon Forge. From the end of March through October 31, we perform a two hour country dance and music extravaganza that combines the latest hits with some of the best loved classic tunes.

christmasWhen November 1 rolls around, we start celebrating Christmas in style. Guests who visit us in November and December enjoy a shortened version of our signature country music show and then get to experience a festive and joyful Christmas spectacular featuring Santa Claus, Frosty the Snowman, and other special guests. Visit our Pigeon Forge Christmas Show page for all the details on our holiday performances!

Something New with Every Visit

Even if you’ve been to a Country Tonite Theater performance before, you’ll want to come back to see us this year. Our shows are always changing to reflect today’s most popular country songs, and you won’t want to miss the way we reinvent the classics.

Check out the Country Tonite Show Schedule to start planning your trip to our theatre in Pigeon Forge!