From Survivor to Country Tonite: Meet Melinda Hyder

Melinda HyderWhen you see Melinda Hyder perform at our Pigeon Forge show, she might look familiar. That’s because Melinda was one of 16 contestants on the 12th season of Survivor! In 2005, Melinda traveled to the Pearl Islands off the coast of Panama to compete for a million dollar prize. During her time on the show, Melinda completed challenging obstacle courses, piloted a sinking boat, and lived without modern conveniences for a week. Despite being well liked by the rest of the contestants, Melinda was voted off the island at the end of day six. Read more

Here is the 12 Year Old Fiddler Everyone is Talking About

Colin Chandler performs in our Pigeon Forge showWhen you hear Colin Chandler perform, you will have a hard time believing he is only 12 years old. As one of the featured performers at Country Tonite, Colin has consistently amazed audiences with his virtuoso fiddle playing and natural stage presence. After just a few minutes listening to Colin’s blistering fiddling, it is easy to see why many reviewers on TripAdvisor say he was the highlight of our Pigeon Forge show.   Read more

Country Giant Don Williams Comes to Pigeon Forge

Don Williams will perform a Pigeon Forge showThe Gentle Giant is coming to town. Country superstar Don Williams will be performing at the Country Tonite Theatre in Pigeon Forge on October 18th and 19th. Williams was dubbed the “Gentle Giant” because of his imposing build, bass-baritone voice and laid back demeanor. With over 50 major hits in his repertoire, this giant of country music will put on a Pigeon Forge show you don’t want to miss.   Read more

Pigeon Forge Buffet: Number One Cure For Hunger in the Smokies

Buffet in Pigeon ForgeIt’s no secret that restaurants in Pigeon Forge offer some of the highest quality and variety, but what do you do when your family can’t decide where to eat? That’s where the many family-style and buffets in Pigeon Forge come in. With food selections as far as the eye can see, these Pigeon Forge buffet and family-style restaurants are sure to cure any hunger craving for your whole family. Read more